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The World’s Top 10 Travel Influencers, According To Forbes

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Like it or not, “travel influencer” is a bona fide job in the tech-savvy, heavily filtered age of Instagram and Snapchat. These perma-sightseers have racked up serious air miles and follower counts with their impossibly aspirational snaps of sunsets and cityscapes. And though you likely want to scoff at their so-called “careers” (it’s just envy, admit it), they now carry so much clout even Forbes is recognising them.

Forbes‘ infamous annual Rich List has just been joined by its first Top 10 Travel Influencers list. These are the biggest names in the travel blogosphere and the grinning mugs that constantly pop up on your Instagram feed – the guys and gals raking in the dough via tourism board partnerships and paid promotions, while also inspiring thousands of bucket lists with their images and insider tips.

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