Run Your Promotions Around Holidays

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Since it’s St. Patrick’s Day weekend, I thought this would be appropriate:

One of the oldest marketing tricks in the book is to design your marketing campaigns around holiday promotions. Yet, most tourism businesses do very few strategic marketing campaigns to make the most of the holiday sales tradition in the marketplace. The fact that many businesses do not take advantage of this trend means they leave thousands of dollars in profit on the table each and every year. 

The first step you must do before you even consider maximizing this strategy is create a marketing calendar.  Once you have created a marketing calendar you will have a blueprint to follow each month. Each and every month you should have a promotion which is fueled by free publicity strategies and paid advertising strategies. 

After you have completed your first step of establishing a twelve month marketing calendar, your next step is to plan out exactly what the promotional offer will be.  Create a package themed around the holiday event. 

The last and final step is to remember to set up a marketing campaign consisting of several methods of communicating with your prospects.  You should do this several months before the holiday. You can send out postcards, letters, and emails. Most times it takes contacting a customer several times before they can actually make a buying decision. Be sure to post on all of your social media accounts.

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