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Why you need to stop selling travel (and start telling better stories)

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A post this week on Hotel and Resort Insider declared that two of the three travel trends for 2014 were ‘The Green Revolution’ and ‘Travelers Today Aspire for a Meaningful Holiday’. (The third trend I will talk about in the final paragraph).

How then, can businesses  marketing responsible tourism respond? First, they need to understand why these trends are happening.

At its worst tourism is homogenous and destructive. It is disconnected from the places and communities around it. It lays waste to environments. Provides people with poorly paid, uninspiring jobs. I can go on holiday to Thailand and have the same experience as I would in the Cayman Islands, never leaving the resort, never discovering anything, never meeting anyone.

This is why for most typical tourists, the best part of the holiday take place before they actually go. When they are full of anticipation. When they have begun to escape a little from their work mindset, and dream of where they might end up, of what might happen. They are writing stories in their heads, fantasising, imagining the memories that they shall create, the adventures they will have.

And then comes the reality, and the bland, boring food, the disinterested staff, the same whitewashed walls. The story they were sold is too often an irresponsible and disappointing lie. No wonder they are looking for something with more meaning.

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