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Why independent hotels are thriving |

The data has spoken. In 2016, sweeping uptakes in occupancy, average daily rate, and revenue per available room revealed that independent hotel properties outperformed their branded brethren. Now, we find ourselves at the point in the lodging cycle where the non-branded universe is showing stronger growth rates than the chains. This is excellent news for investors and owners of non-branded hotels. To put this into context, brands and chains dominate the U.S. hotel industry. Of all available rooms, approximately two-thirds […]

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Why travel agents own the luxury market |

Yes, there are still doubters and yes, there will be luxury sold directly via online services – but suppliers that want to show real ROI, robustly embracing the trade is the smart strategy. There are many reasons you are thriving in the luxury arena. The rich have the wherewithal to hire people to do time consuming tasks for them, be it managing their finances, keeping their lawns and gardens pretty, or decorating their homes. While it’s possible to do those […]

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Hitwise travel study shows growing power of YouTube |

A study by analysts Hitwise has highlighted a significant rise in the number of Brits using YouTube to research holiday destinations. The findings, taken from an online pool of 3 million UK users, showed sites such as Tripadvisor, Skyscanner and Trivago have seen an average 51% increase in traffic deriving from YouTube in the last three years. The Hitwise research found comparison website Skyscanner has risen in the ranks receiving a 59% increase in traffic deriving from YouTube. TripAdvisor, however, […]

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