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Can Travel Really Help You To Become the Person You Want To Be?

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Have you ever heard someone say that she wants to find herself? What she probably meant when she said that was that she felt disconnected from the person she thought she was or the person she wanted to be.

Making significant changes to yourself when you’re involved in your daily job, family matters, and friendships can be extremely difficult. People you routinely interact with may not want you to change.

  • Your boss is happy with how you perform your job and interact with your co-workers.
  • Your parents brought you up to act in certain ways and might be offended if you decide to change how you play your role.
  • Friends like that they can predict how you will act when you go out together.

Think about the stresses you face every day in your daily life. You may have gotten so used to the stresses you live with that you don’t even realize how many pressures continuously play on your emotions.

You feel that your life is normal because you’ve developed coping mechanisms to deal with all the little traumas that come your way. Those coping mechanisms don’t add to the quality of life. They just make the turmoil tolerable.

Until you step out of your regular routine and away from the expectations of family and friends, you probably won’t have the freedom to test out new behaviors. You won’t be able to connect with the person inside that you really want to be.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to face each day free to choose how you act and interact?

Travel changes your reality. Yes, travel involves stress as well, but new kinds of stress.

The roles you played in your previous life don’t matter. You’ll face new situations, and you won’t fall back on most of the previous methods you used when you figure out how to tackle what you’re facing on the road.

Once you’re away, you’re more likely to recognize why you felt disconnected. You’ll learn about yourself. You’ll –

  • find strength that you didn’t know you had
  • learn patience as you discover what in life is truly important and what is not
  • find self-confidence as you deal with situations far removed from what you’d experienced in the past
  • generate abilities to make quick decisions in new circumstances
  • develop compassion as you recognize techniques that others use to cope with life
  • and so much more

When you travel, you no longer face the routine struggles of daily life. You won’t have the distractions of bill paying, standing on a corner waiting for a bus, etc, etc.

So, you end up with the freedom to decide who you want to be and how you want to act, instead of who society wants you to be and how society wants you to act.

Yes, traveling gives you the space to change your methods of coping, but new techniques won’t magically be part of your repertoire. It’s up to you to explore and test out different ways of being.

You’ll finally have the mental space to consider what fits and what’s important to you. You’ll have the opportunity to understand that small things can just be accepted without complaint.

You’ll learn that winning arguments might not always be something to strive for. You end up letting go of all the meaningless clutter.

You are still you, but you become a more authentic version of yourself. You’ll discover what you miss from home. And you’ll discover what beliefs are important to you when no one is nearby to hold you accountable.

The clarity that distance gives you can be used to your advantage when and if you return. You’ll understand which ideas are important enough to fight for and which you can just let go.

Travel will present you with situations that might scare you, horrify you, confuse you, entertain you, and even might help you recognize that your home life was pretty good after all.

So, yes. Travel can help you become the person you really want to be just by giving you the distance and space you need to explore who that person is.

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