Become an Influencer to Get More Business

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Personal branding is one of those things that brings up a lot of different thoughts to different people. From the perspective I’m using, personal branding is about becoming an influencer or a brand ambassador for your hospitality business.

If you search YouTube for Instagram or any number of other social media sites you can find all sorts of influencers, bloggers or vloggers who are putting out content that helps people with their travels or helps them find out interesting things about a particular destination. Most of these people are doing it on their own and are hoping to be sponsored by a brand.

You on the other hand, either own or work for a Hospitality business. Since you are already employed in the industry, you don’t need to seat sponsorship. However, you have the ability to drive business to your hospitality business simply by virtue of your particular personality.

When influencers online are trying to get fans, the one thing they do the most is bring out the best of their personality on-line. You can’t be fake online for very long before you get found out, so the best thing you can do is to try to be the most personable version of yourself that you can. You are not trying to pump up your own self esteem, or make yourself look like the most fantastic person on Earth. Don’t worry about “tall poppy syndrome,” just help people find out what’s wonderful about your area and the activities in it.

Every person is going to have a different set of likes and a different point of view, so whatever content you create is automatically going to be different from content that another person creates. Talk about the things you like about your business and your area. Don’t make everything about your business or completely promotional. That’s not what people go to social media for. Talk about the events and activities and interests in your area that interest you or that you think would be of potential interest to your guests. In this way you are more of a guide than a personality. If people resonate with what you are providing them, you will start to get “slightly famous” among your fans.

You don’t need thousands of people to follow you as long as you’re providing useful information. As few as a thousand people can make a difference in your business. If you have multiple people in your business putting out separate content, imagine how you can increase your revenue and the number of guests that want to visit you.

On a personal note, every time my family is planning to take a trip, one of the first things we do is go to YouTube and see what kind of video content there is about our destination. This is not uncommon and is becoming more so with the millennial and post-millennial generations, who expect to see social media content about nearly everything.

Every now and again, and especially if there is a special event or promotion, you can talk about promotional things or the specifics of your business. Otherwise, keep the content informational and entertaining as best you can about your area in general. Keep providing content on a regular basis, and you should see it help your business, and your area in general.

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