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Personal Branding Tip – Talk Your Way to the Top!

  Fifty Shades of Fame #11 If you’re like me and you like to talk, podcasting may be an ideal way to get your message out. You can get a podcast onto iTunes fairly easily, and there are other podcast directories, depending on your niche. Podcasts can be motivational, instructional, or a series of interviews.

Personal Branding Tip – Lights, Camera, Action!

Fifty Shades of Fame #10 Another with method of marking yourself is video marketing. I’m sure you’ve heard of YouTube. It’s the second largest search engine in the world. It’s owned by Google, which means that videos ther get higher rankings automatically. If you are regularly creating videos about your subject, you can do them as slideshow videos or you can do “talking head” videos where you were visible on the screen, like the ones I’m doing lately. I would […]

Personal Branding Tip – You Gotta Blog.

Fifty Shades of Fame #9 It goes without saying that these days you want to have a blog. A blog is the “home base” you use to establish yourself. You can post any type of content there, including curated content from others.

Personal Branding Tip – Pick Your Type of Content to Own.

Fifty Shades of Fame #8 There are four basic types of content you can create: writing, video, audio, and images. You need to pick the one that suits you best to be your main focus, and do the others as a supplement to help with your social media and/or blogging efforts.

Personal Branding Tip – Have the Right Look.

Fifty Shades of Fame #7 Make sure that whatever your niche is that you look somewhat appropriate for it. If you work for a corporate hotel chain, your persona may have to be a bit dressed up. If your brand involves luxury travel, then very nice casual clothing with high-end accessories and grooming will be what you need. If it’s more budget or adventure-oriented, then there are particular looks for that. Try to meet your “tribe’s” expectation of what you […]

Personal Branding Tip – What Makes You Different?

Fifty Shades of Fame #6 If you want to be seen as an authority, you have to brand yourself. Yyou have to decide what makes you different from any other person in your niche. It’s kind of like the universal selling proposition for a product. Determine what makes you unique and why your “tribe” should follow you.

Personal Branding Tip – Pick a Specific Niche

Fifty Shades of Fame #5 Pick a specific niche in travel and then pick a subset of that niche for what you want to be an authority in. You won’t do very well if you pick a large niche like “Paris Travel” but if you come at it from a specific angle like personal finance for people who have no money or for college students then you’ve gotten down to a subset of the niche where you can actually establish […]

Personal Branding Tip – Make an Audio Book, Too

Fifty Shades of Fame #4 If you speak clearly, you can read you book out loud, record it, and turn it into an audio book. Amazon has Audible as it audio book platform. Apple’s iTunes has a provision to do audio books as well. If you’re not good at reading out loud, or your voice isn’t the best, you can hire someone to read for you. If you create an audio book, you will have an additional source of income […]

Personal Branding Tip – Don’t Forget Lulu, Barnes & Noble, and iBooks

Fifty Shades of Fame #3 Lulu is a self-publishing platform similar to Amazon’s CreateSpace. You can publish your book as a paperback there. And if you’re doing an e-book like the Kindle don’t forget about the other platforms you can use. Barnes & Noble has the Nook and iTunes (iBooks) can get you published on iPads or iPhones. These are methods that you can use if you haven’t set up a exclusive arrangement with Amazon on KDP Select.

Personal Branding Tip – Start at Amazon with CreateSpace and Kindle

Fifty Shades of Fame #2 Self-publishing is now easy with Amazon’s help. A new viable method of getting a paper book published, whether you strictly sell through Amazon or if you use Amazon’s expanded services to sell through other avenues like bookstores. Amazon has a process called CreateSpace which allows you to upload Adobe Acrobat or MS Word files and publish your own book. This is a great way to get started if you need a book in print. I […]