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When you’re well known, you are in control of your own destiny. People come to you instead of you chasing after them. You choose who you associate with. Business and jobs come to you. You have the pick of clients and positions, You don’t have to just work with anyone who comes along. You have your choice of other experts to work with. You can do speaking engagements or turn them down at your discretion. When you position yourself as an expert, even a minor one, people come to you. So you get to have much more control over your world. Obviously, this leads to making more money.

Having learned all kinds of self branding, marketing and publicity techniques for my own photography business, I decided to help hospitality professionals with the same. I want to help you in a way that no one in the hospitality industry really is.

Standing out from the crowd is what you have to do to succeed in today’s economy, with lots of ways for people to get their news, hundreds of channels on TV, and limitless pages on the internet. I will teach you how to become well known, whether you want to use your “fame” to get a better hospitality job, or if you need a personal way to get more guests to your business. The methods I teach are especially effective for B&B owners, tour guides, specialty tour company owners, and chefs. The information is also great if you are a travel or food writer, photographer, or blogger. I started out as a travel photographer, and quickly learned that self-branding was absolutely important to my career.

Thanks for checking out Mallory Media. Now let’s get you known.

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